As a newspaper staffer, parents used to get a thrill when I’d approach and ask if I could photograph their children playing on the monkey-bars, flying a kite, or even selling lemonade on the roadside; not only did they LOVE to show off their kids, but they had a fun story to share with friends and family. From my point of view, I was doing my job – looking for pieces of everyday life to contribute to the paper, but I was always happy to know that at least one family was looking forward to seeing my work published the next day.

I started this portrait business because I realized the best part of my job was not only contributing to the community, but helping parents remember what their children looked like giggling at sunset or blowing bubbles with their baby brother; the fleeting moments.

I majored in Photojournalism at the Rochester Institute of Technology to learn to tell stories, document ordinary and extraordinary life. My real education came after graduation, when I landed an internship at the Watertown Daily Times in (very) northern NY, which became a full time job. Five years of photographing snow shoveling, ice cream eating, and high school football at the WDT was the most valuable education I could have asked for. Every day I had to push myself a little more, and really find my vision. I took a job with North Jersey Media Group in 2011, which allowed me to shoot for The Bergen Record, then I left newspapers to strike out on my own.

Now I have the pleasure of chasing giggling kiddos and snuggling newborns into squishy poses here in Jersey City! I love creating beautiful images that my clients are proud to display and share in print. I also love The Walking Dead, traveling with my pilot boyfriend, and crafting new props for my growing stash of wraps, headbands and blankets.

You made it to the end, hooray! Contact me today to book your very own custom photo session!