When you hire me, you are hiring an educated, experienced professional photographer, not a hobbyist. 

I've been in business for 5 years, but have been a professional photographer my entire adult life (high school life, too). I attended the Rochester Institute of Technology, where I earned a BA in Photojournalism, and was then a newspaper staff photographer in northern NY, and later NJ.

My job truly gets better with each new family I meet, and I deeply value the trust and confidence they place in me. I look forward to meeting new clients and friends in Charleston!

Other than work, I love shopping trips to HomeGoods, Game of Thrones, knitting newborn props and bumming at the beach (as you can probably deduce from my hair in that pic) :)

The little dumpling in my lap there isn't mine, but was a special part of my life in Jersey, and I'm going to miss seeing her every day.