These are some of the most common questions I am asked.
If you still need an answer, please don't hesitate to reach out through my contact page.

When should I book my newborn session?

While you're still pregnant is usually best. Typically sometime in the second or third trimester is when you'll want to make a decision and book your photographer. Please don't worry if you're running closer to your delivery date, send the email anyway!

When should my newborn be photographed?

The ideal window to photograph baby is in the first 5-14 days of life. This time frame is important for several reasons, but most importantly, you'll need some time to settle and get to know eachother before I show up with a camera. Also, it's very important for baby to have a full tummy during our session and it takes a few days for mom's milk to come in. Newborn skin generally looks nicest in this window as well, before baby acne may appear and while skin shedding is likely between cycles.

That said, I know that this new parent thing is all consuming, and you may have forgotten all about booking a photographer. You can always reach out if baby is just outside the ideal window. Even if a true newborn session won't work, it's certainly possible to capture some sweet images.

Where will our session be held?

Newborns and studio-style baby sessions are photographed right in the comfort of your own home. I bring all the necessary gear; lighting, props, backdrops. 

I do offer an outdoor add-on to my newborn sessions, and we can chat about a beach or garden setup, in addition to my regular posing flow.

Families are photographed outdoors at sunset. There are a number of fantastic locations all around the Charleston area, so we'll figure out what suits you best. I especially love a beach session!

What should we wear?

When photographing parents with their newborns, I recommend wearing neutral colors (white, gray, black) or very soft colors if you must. Bright colors or stiff, formal fabric takes away from the softness of your new baby. 

I provide clients with a full style guide upon booking a family session.

Do I need to buy clothing or something specific for my newborn session?

Not at all. I have a nice collection of wraps, headbands, hats and backdrops that I have taken the time to curate over the years. I know what works best, and I’ll give you the opportunity to choose your favorite colors prior to our session. 

If there is a specific item you’d like to incorporate into your images, please let me know ahead of time so that I can come up with a way to work it in.

Can you guarantee every pose during my newborn session?

The answer here is no. I am fairly conservative when it comes to newborn posing and strive to keep it natural and comfortable. Not every baby will be happy in every pose, and I can usually read their comfort level fairly quickly. I never, ever push a baby for the sake of an image. Safety is paramount.

I’d love to book a session, but I’m afraid my child won’t cooperate.

The first rule on any of my shoots is that nobody gets in trouble! Some kids just get a little crazy around new people, or shy, or they’re bored, or you know…toddlers. It’s ok. Sometimes the sweetest images come from goofing around and not paying attention to the camera.

I can’t tell you how many times a parent has said something along the lines of, “I can’t believe you got these pictures!” after a particularly rambunctious shoot. It always works out!

Can you edit that out?

Flakes of skin are normal on newborns' hands and feet, and I generally leave that alone. I will remove baby acne, flakes from the face and red splotches, but don’t touch things like stork bites, angel kisses, birth marks or Mongolian marks unless specifically asked to.

For everyone else, I will remove blemishes on faces, and the occasional drool bomb or “boogie”, but I do ask that everyone at least starts off with a clean face.  I soften skin and brighten as needed, but do keep my editing natural. 

I do not take pounds off in post-processing, but we can camouflauge with posing and the right clothing.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Due to the very personal nature of selecting a photographer, I do not offer gift certificates. However, I am happy to offer a registry for expecting mamas. Just ask!

Why don’t you have a studio?

Well, the reason is twofold. Most of my clients end up really liking the fact that they don’t have to take a newborn out of the house at such a tender age, so I’ve been happy to come to them. However, part of the reason I am relocating to Charleston is in the hopes of finding a more affordable space to open my long-dreamt-of studio. Once I get a bit established in my new home, I’ll be on the hunt.

Do you photograph parties? baptisms? weddings?

I do not.

How did you start photographing newborns?

In a word, Pinterest. I’ve been a professional photographer my entire adult life (I actually graduated with a BA in photojournalism from RIT), but did not discover the wonderful world of modern newborn photography until after I’d left the newspaper world. I take my craft and safety very seriously and have learned posing techniques from some of the country’s top newborn photographers through various workshops. Years of experience has also been invaluable. I would never recommend new parents turn their tiny new babies over to an amateur.

Can I just get the digitals?

While digital images are included in each of my packages, I do not currently offer a “shoot&burn” option. My business is boutique-style, meaning I am not simply going to throw a disc at you and say “see ya!” The best part of my job is showing clients their images in person, watching their faces “ohh” and “aww”, then delivering gorgeous prints that are able to be shared and enjoyed. No one has ever NOT loved to have actual prints in their hands and on their walls.

Why don't digitals come with my session?

There is a surprising amount of time and energy that goes into each of my sessions before we even meet. Correspondence, editing, packaging, clean up, travel expense, to say nothing of shoot time. The session fee ensure that I am at least compensated for that work.

Hopefully you are choosing to work with me for my particular style, but the products I offer are also of the highest quality and worth the cost. I am devoted to providing my clients with a fantastic experience, but a girls' gotta eat and I can't do it for free. 

Can I share my images on social media and print on my own?

Absolutely! Whatever digital images you end up with, be it 10 or the whole edit, they will include a print release and permission to share on your personal social media pages. I will provide you with the name of my favorite lab and even make prints buyable right from your gallery after our ordering appointment is complete.

Do you have a client referral program?

Yes!  I love my repeat clients and their referrals.  It is my goal to have you as a lifelong client. I want to help you tell your story every step of the way. My repeat clients earn 15% off of their next full session and package when booked within one year. 

Newborn clients ask about special pricing on milestone sessions!

I also love to earn the trust of my clients’ friends through referrals. Each successfully booked regular session referral earns you a complimentary 8 x 10 print, and 15% off your next session!