Harbor Cake Smash

I love a good cake smash session. But, make it a harbor cake smash with the cutest boy I know, and forget it. Winner winner cake for dinner.

I first met Hudson on a boat, stuffed into his (loathed) life jacket at just a few months old.  Thankfully, he’s much happier being out on the water now, and rather than cake up the boat, we decided that a dock session would be perfect.

We headed to a public dock near downtown Charleston one evening last weekend, and it worked out perfectly. The sun was hazy and it was plenty warm. Most of the boats were back after a beautiful day – just the background I was envisioning!

It’s never a given that a baby will be gung-ho about their cake. Some don’t like the mess on their hands, some are overwhelmed, others enthusiastically dive in face first. We all thought Hudson was going to be happily swimming in cake and frosting once he got a taste. He gave it a couple of once-overs and poked at it while we all made the usual goofy faces and noises. When some frosting made it into his mouth, he made that “oh, this is sugar!?” face, and played for a minute.

Sometimes it takes a few times to reset (crawl-aways happen, lol), but it always works out!

It was cute as could be. I adore Hudson and his awesome parents, and this gorgeous location!

Harbor cake smash

outdoor cake smash boats

Charleston Harbor cake smash

dock cake smash

To book a harbor cake smash or full one year session for your little one, reach out with an email!

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